Everyone Loves Rules

Everyone Loves Rules

These rules are more for me and fellow contributors than anything. There are a lot of travel blogs out there and not all of them have the best interests of the readers at heart. Many travel blogs are used as a source of income for bloggers and conflicts of interest due arise.

This blog is currently not a source of income for me but way grow to be in the future. Therefore, I am pledging now that I will do my best to ensure any posts are free of any bias or hidden agenda. If anything contains a referral link it will be disclosed. If it’s an affiliate link that I receive commission from, it will be disclosed.

Advertisements, yes they will be there. I will have them positioned unobtrusively as possible. There will never be advertisements in the body of any articles. There will never be pop up ads. I can’t exactly guarantee the ads won’t play sound since I’m not sure how that works yet but if it’s something I can prevent I will prevent it.

Clickbait- I HATE CLICKBAIT. I will not post clickbait. My goal here is not to generate page views. It is to create a community of fellow travel geeks. If you feel that any post comes off as clickbait please bring it directly to my attention either in the comments or via email.

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