The Point

The Point

This blog is going to be a fun collection of three things that I’ll outline below:

  1. My posts: Of course I’ll be posting tips and tricks on how to maximize your travel experience. However I’ll also be posting my thoughts on the various goings on of the airline industry. This blog won’t just be a place to come and see how to use your points but it will be a place to learn about the industry itself. My trips will be outlined in trip reports as they happen and posted for everyone to see if I think they’re worthy.
  2. Contributors: This won’t be a one man mission. As amazing as I am I can’t possibly do everything. A lot of my dear friends travel too and are willing share their amazing experiences with us. You’ll frequently see their posts on here. They are as integral to the life of this blog as I am. I’ve got several lined up and I’ll introduce them all to you as they come along.
  3. You guys: The readers. I hope you enjoy our posts and I encourage comments and discussion, however please keep it civil. Eventually I’ll figure out how to set up a forum on here. It will be a place for you all to post questions and discuss topics with other readers outside of the comments section of posts. People are more than welcome to post their travel stories in the forums. Once we get some momentum going I’ll start featuring any notable ones on the main page!

Eventually I’ll get the below to work



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