About Me

About Me

11377237_10203344282241464_6404486767241857622_n  Hi, I’m Hemal and this my blog. I’m a young college student obsessed with planes.

I started really flying in 2013 with my first trip to Europe. I was a complete novice and had no clue what to do, I even had to ask a friend of mine what I’m supposed to do after passing security. How would I know where my plane was?This was your basic travel experience. I flew in economy and stayed in a hostel. On my way back home I decided that I’d never fly in economy again if I could help it. That’s when this madness started. I dove off the deep end into miles and points.

After becoming a pro at using airline miles and credit card points I began to travel the world in style and comfort. I’ve flown some of the nicest business and first class products around the world for pocket change. I’m now known as the the “guy that flies everywhere”.  People ask ask me how I do it so here it is. My blog, it will have my tips and tricks along with a large dash of aviation news.

Travel isn’t just about the luxury. It’s about the experience. It’s about the people you meet and the things you see. The Age of Aircraft has enabled us to travel farther and faster than ever before. We should use this to see the world and understand that everyone else on this planet is just like us. While doing so we should never forget the beauty of flight. I’m fortunate enough to be near a flight path of a major international airport and seeing those international arrivals from all over the world never cease to amaze me. That plane flying overhead came from Hong Kong, it’s filled with people that were on the other side of the world just a few hours ago. Commercial aviation is magical because it allows us to connect with each other across the globe in ways never thought possible.

Hopefully by the time you become a regular reader you’ll have the same appreciation for travel that I do.

Did I mention I like planes?